Last week I finally decided to take the leap to HD television. I know, I’m a little late to the party but better late than never. I headed over to Best Buy and decided to get the 42 inch LG70. A very nice TV: 4 HDMI inputs, 120Hz refresh rate, 42 inches of HD heaven. Since this is the season of the Super Bowl, they said they could deliver it a week from now (which was yesterday in real time). So yesterday the delivery people showed up, very courteous and very professional. Jason, the delivery guy, told me to let it warm up before turning it on. I thanked him and then I was left with a TV I couldn’t watch just yet. I decided I needed an HDMI cable for my Xbo360.

I went out and searched at KMart, Walmart, and Circuit City. No luck, all they had was overly expensive HDMI cables. Who would pay $40 for a cable? I didn’t really need it any way I already had a component on my Xbox360. At the point I got back to my home, It had been 3 hours since my TV was delivered. So I plugged it in and turned it on. What I saw next was horrifying. A 3/4 inch thick column of dead pixels right down the center. What the! Needless to say, Best Buy is replacing it, but not for another week. Now I am left with a less than HDTV sitting in my living room. As much as I try to look past the dead pixels I can’t. It ruins any experience, it’s right down the center. The bright side is that I can still play Left 4 Dead in Co-op just fine because the row of pixels is right on the split screen line. Despite the line down the center, all the Xbox360 games look amazing in HD.

Is there a point to this post, no not really, I just wanted to rant because I have a $1400 visual eyesore.